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China Service Medal

The China Service Medal was a relatively early entry into the hallowed halls of the medals of America when it was created by an Act of Congress in August of 1940. These US military medals were established to honor US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel who served ashore in China or were attached to vessels that operated in support of operations in China either between July 1937 and September of 1939, or between September of 1945 and April of 1957. Regulations permitted the wearing of a Bronze Service Star on these military medals and military ribbons if a service member had performed duty during both periods of eligibility. These Navy medals are now considered obsolete, and are no longer issued by the US Navy. However, they can still be worn by Navy personnel who earned them during that period.
These Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps ribbons and medals are worn in the position directly below the Navy Expeditionary Medal, the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal and the Coast Guard’s Medal for Humane Action; and are worn directly above the National Defense Service Medal in the general order of precedence that has been established for the proper display of all Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard military ribbons and medals. The China Service Medal is generally available as Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard decorations in the form of military medals, ribbons, and lapel pins.

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