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MyMilitaryMedals.com Blog

Changes to military ribbons web site.

January 8th 2013 - 12:34 pm

It seems like forever since I wrote a blog post, and that is probably because this is the case. I just finished reading a few military blogs concerning Afghanistan and felt like it was time to drop a note. I have been very busy working on my business of making military awrds, and I am looking to expand this business very soon. The future looks bright for My Military Medals.com, and we should be able to offer many products that are needed by military members world wide. in the days to come, I will be listing the types of products, and maybe some images of such. It is a very exciting time for our small company, and we have high expectations for 2013. The staff is geared up to provide the highest of quality that our customs have come to expect. One of the areas that I am most excited about is the addition of military shadow boxes. I will be posting very soon, and will elaborate with more information on what you can expect for the coming year. As you all know military ribbons are our main product, but we will use these products in a more global manner.

So can anyone purchase military ribbons and military medals?

August 3rd 2012 - 6:07 pm

It is a very common question as to who is authorized to purchse military ribbons and military medals. Many times a person is trying to put together a shadow box for a family member, or to establish a family heirloom. The question arises as to whether or not they can purchase differnt military awars, and if they need proof that they were earned by a specific individual. With the exception of a handfull of high ranking medals, most of the military ribbons and medals can be purchased to replace ones that may have been lost. It is also a very common practice to set-up several replacement sets of a service members military awards, so that they may be distributed amongest his or her children. The degree that this is or is not abused, I have no idea, but being a veteran myself, I believe that most military famalies have a very high level of respect for military members, and any and all military awards that they may have earned. We get many requests from famalies of recently deceased service members, that rush to put together a medal or ribbon set to offer the family members at the time of burial. It is also a common occurence for you men and women to try to piece together Grandfathers military history, and this is easiest done with military awards. If a person does not know where to start the best place is always the service members DD 214. This is a military document that all service members in the last 60 years or so would have recieved, and one that can also be attained if the service member or family thereof has lost it. If you or a service member need any help feel free to call the representatives at mymilitarymedals.com.