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The latest in Military Ribbons & Medals

January 27th 2012 - 10:16 am

Isn’t it amazing just how much times have changed?  From the rotary phone to the cell phone, what updates we have seen.  I remember when my mom got her first cell phone; it was about ten inches long and came in a black bag.  I thought it was the hippest thing.  Now a day, I can rarely find my cell phone because it is so tiny.  Time has definitely changed our ways of communication.  Back in World War II, the only communication my grandmother had with her uncle while he was a prisoner of war was a single letter that came once a year on her birthday.  There was no way to send information back to him nor could you really even understand the message due to its distortion by his captors to prevent any information leaking out.  Yearly, my grandmother’s family would wait for these birthday letters to find out if he was even alive. 
As my husband prepares to deploy again, we have so many decisions to make.  Should we get an international cell phone plan or just international text?  Maybe he should just take our laptop and we will plan on Skyping at a certain time?  Or chat through Yahoo messenger?  Should he buy a cheap cell phone from the locals when he gets there?  I bet my great uncle would roll over in his grave thinking of buying a phone from a local in World War II.  But times have changed.  In no way, could I fathom only hearing from my loved one once a year.  I can only imagine the complaints the rear detachment commander would hear from the deployed soldier’s family!  There would be a riot on Facebook!
Although having a family member deployed is extremely difficult and stressful, we are so fortunate to have the technology and means of communication that we do.  Just like technology has updated so has the look of our soldiers.  Military medals, miniature military medals, and the sleek ultra-thin military ribbons provide our soldiers with a sophisticated and sharp appearance that coincides with our futuristic advances in all realms of life.

Military Ribbons & Medals are only part of the Story

December 28th 2011 - 12:55 pm

I often wonder how my life would have been if I had remained in the military and retired. I would not change the life that I have lived nor would I give back all the experiences, and joyful times of my life for a different path, but I just wonder what it would have been like. I have many friends and family members that have retired from the service, and sometimes I am a little envious. I spent six great years in the Air Force, and I loved every moment. When I decided to leave the military it was because a business opportunity had presented itself, and I took the bull by the horns and never looked back. Well I guess I’m kind of looking back now aren’t I. It was nice to see my older sister retire, and my cousin that is a couple of years older than me retire as well, but now there are quite a few friends that are younger than me retiring and I have to think, what if. There are quite a few benefits to a military retirement, and one has to really contemplate that time of re-enlistment.


If I had stayed in the Air Force I would have been eligible for retirement about three years ago, and I would still be young enough to start a second career. While I was in the military I really enjoyed the ceremonial part of the military. I appreciated being recognized in front of my peers with military thin ribbons, and military medals, but it was more the feeling that your unit was thankful for you service. It was always nice to recognize my airman for a job well done when I was a supervisor. The better job that you do and the more commitment that you displayed the quicker you would rise in the ranks as well. In addition to the feeling of pride, and the camaraderie that was such a big part of military life, there were and are many great benefits that aid a person in being successful in life.


Once a person puts there time in, and is eligible for retirement, they will receive retirement pay for the rest of their lives. Sure there are many that debate the percentage of retirement, but from someone that left the military and is still working, forty or fifty percent retirement looks very good. In addition to the retirement pay that you will receive, you also have lifetime medical coverage, and access to discounted shopping on any military installation in the world. In today’s economy a person can use every break the can get, and believe me military retired service members reap the rewards of long and faithful service. In addition to all these rewards, they still get the honor of being awarded many Air Force ribbons, and Air Force medals, and serving their country proudly.


So those of you that are coming up on retirement, think about it long and hard. It is a tough world out there, and sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side, but it usually isn’t.