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MyMilitaryMedals.com Blog

Warriors protecting our Freedoms

December 24th 2011 - 3:21 pm

So it is Christmas Eve, and I have been enjoying time with friends that came to stay with us last night. I think we take our time for granted, and don’t appreciate the little things like being able kick back and watch football and eat our favorite appetizers. Most games my wife gets the half-time goodies all ready and we sit back in our comfortable living room and watch our favorite teams. So what about that soldier on post watching for insurgents, or that naval officer commanding a submarine in the Indian Ocean? We are so blessed that we have men and women that are willing to protect our country day and night. You have to also think of the husbands and wives of these deployed service members and the time they spend waiting and praying for their loved ones to come home safely. When I was a young child I used to look forward to my dad coming home from work every day, but I never had to wait nine months or a year to see my dad. Our soldiers volunteer their time to our country, and sometimes it is at the expense of time with the ones that are closest to them. For a minute put yourself in their shoes, and try to imagine the holidays in this situation.

Sure we are in the middle of the Christmas and New Year holidays, but what about all the other important days. As a father I never want to miss a birthday of one of my children, or to be deployed for my wedding anniversary. We deploy our service members to destinations across the globe, and we don’t take their personal lives into account. We receive the benefit of their protection and more than likely do not give it a second thought. I personally am very thankful for the freedoms afforded to me the United States Government, and truly am thankful for the many sacrifices made each and every day by the best warriors in the world, our US service men and women. There are also many service workers that defend our country, and they also deserve our gratitude and respect for their service.

Some of the men and women that keep this country safe are our border patrol, and the men and women of TSA. We travel to and from our desired destinations, and usually complain about the inconveniences that we deal with in boarding and departing a plane. Do we ever think about the long days performing these duties, and the many times they pull these duties during the holidays? No one wants to work during holidays but security does not take a day off and much of the time neither do these security officers. These men and women may not be in the US armed forces, but they provide security for our country just the same. These men and women perform a vital role in our security, and are not awarded military ribbons or military medals, but they should be acknowledged and shown our appreciation just the same. We can look around our neighborhoods and see men and women in service all around us; policeman, firemen, DEA, correctional officers, and many more. So in place of the traditional military award find it in you to express how thankful you are for the protection we enjoy, and sometimes take for granted.




Homecoming is not just about Military Ribbons & Medals.

December 23rd 2011 - 8:16 am

I am overcome with emotion when I witness all the military homecoming events, large and small that are displayed by our media. Sometimes it is difficult to continue watching the news, because it seems like it is mostly bad news. As I enjoy my coffee this morning and watch the news on television, and surf the net at the same time, I am enjoying these stories. I just witnessed a surprise set up by a returning soldier that staged a gift from Santa, as she appeared around the corner as the gift that her kids were asking for. Times like this are precious, and although I do not know this female soldier it makes me feel good when we bring our soldiers home for a reunion like this. The best part of this episode was that her husband had one upped her, and staged a surprise for her, and as they strolled through the mall, and entered the main corridor, he had planned a homecoming with the high school band from her high school playing the national anthem. She was shocked at the outpouring of support, and overcome with joy and emotion, and to tell the truth so was I.

It amazes me how we can be so tough and unmovable in many circumstances, but if you are a service member or a veteran; all it takes to choke you up is the playing of the national anthem. It is hard to describe the feeling it gives you when you hear it. For me personally, it brings back fond memories of my military time, and how I miss those days. I will always keep those memories alive, and to me I still have a commitment to this country, to the military, and to my fellow comrades. I can still envision standing in formation as military ribbons and military medals were being awarded to deserving men and women. One the strongest memories that I have, was being a recipient of a military award myself. Throughout my career I did receive numerous military ribbons and medals, but this award was not one of those. The award I remember most was the John L. Levitoe leadership award. I was in leadership school, and I was doing my best to become the leader that the United States Armed Forces needed and had invested in.  At this moment in my life I realized that I could be and do all that I wanted to if I dedicated myself to it and did it with honor and integrity. Although I am no longer in the service, that day, and my years of service have provided me the courage and will to always march on, regardless of the circumstances.

So as I witness the homecomings of our soldiers I know the impact that these days will have on them down road. These men and women that have volunteered to fight and defend this country will always be able to hold their heads high, and know that they did their part. As the years go by they will draw strength from their time of service, and they too will always be part of the military family. I would also venture to say that they too will shed a tear or two when they hear the national anthem.