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MyMilitaryMedals.com Blog

Military Ribbons Web Sites

April 15th 2012 - 4:05 pm

My husband needed a new ribbon rack for an upcoming event so I got on the internet to start surfing for some ribbons.  I started at one website; however, I found it hard to navigate and I couldn’t exactly follow where the new windows were taking me.  I went back to my search page and clicked on mymilitarymedals.com    Right away, I noticed the bright personality of the website and appreciated its organization.   I enjoyed the customizable options such as choosing from the modern thin ribbon rack or sticking with the more traditional slide on ribbon rack. Building my husband’s ribbon rack was a synch!  Likewise, we received the ribbon rack in a very short amount of time; I felt like I ordered it and the next day it was in our mailbox.  I wish every online shopping experience was like that! 

I also found it very interesting to learn just how many military medals and military ribbons are available to be awarded to our Nation’s soldiers.  I enjoyed browsing through and reading the descriptions that accompanied the picture of that particular medal or ribbon.   From the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, to the Antarctic Service Medal, to the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation award, this site has them all. 

Finally, living on Fort Carson here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, it was nice to know my husband’s ribbon rack is coming from a local entrepreneur in the nearby town of Canon City, Colorado.  I appreciated working with a family company and felt good about supporting exactly what our military fights for, the American Dream of owning one’s own business.  I will continue to order all of my husband’s awards and decorations through the mymilitarymedals.com website and support this local businessman.        

Military Ribbons

April 9th 2012 - 2:59 pm

I have been in the United States Air Force for over twenty years, and throughout that time I have ordered military ribbons and military medals from many different companies. In my military ribbon rack I have a total of twenty-one ribbons, and of those ribbons seventeen of them have devices or attachments. In addition to Air Force ribbons I also have three Army ribbons in my set. In addition to my military ribbons I have a total of thirtten medals that I wear on my mess dress uniform. With all the unique military awards and their placement, I have chosen to stay loyal to the company that has always treated me as if I am their top customer. This company goes by the name My Military Medals, and also has a sister company that operates by the name Military Ribbons and medals. I would recomend these companies to anyone that wants and needs their awards to be manufactured with top notch proffesionalism. Not only does this company do a great job in manufacturing, but their customer service is also exceptional.