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MyMilitaryMedals.com Blog

Military Ribbon Ordering

July 3rd 2012 - 5:29 am

If only there was a military web site that would let you select your military ribbons, and it would build your ribbon rack, and you could see what it would look like before you purchased it. Well actually there is such a thing, and it is the my military medals web site. The days of filling out an order form of your military ribbons is behind us, and now we can be sure of what we are ordering and what it will look like. I remember for years that I would have to find my military awards record sheet, and then fill out an order form, and then fax it in to a company to place my order. The company would then contact me, and confirm my order, and take my payment information by phone. There were even some companies that would require me to mail a check or money order in to their company. This entire process would add weeks to the processing time of my military ribbons, and who has that kind of time. It seems that much of the time we are on a short notice that we have a function that requires our dress uniform, and we could use our military awards in an expedited manner. I am glad that ordering military ribbons is now a matter of a few minuetes on the internet, and a few short days until they are in hand.