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Navy & Marine Corps Medal

On August 7, 1942 an Act of Congress created the Navy and Marine Corps Medal as the second highest non-combat US military medals awarded to Navy and Marine Corps personnel. These military ribbons and medals are generally awarded to service persons for heroism that includes risking their lives in actions that do not involve combat with an enemy of the United States.
During the last century, it came to be the preferred award instead of the silver or gold Lifesaving Medal, due to the creation of a variety of additional medals of America that were considered more prestigious than the Lifesaving Medal. One of the most famous recipients of the Navy and Marine Corps Medal was John F. Kennedy who won one of these military medals as commanding officer of the PT-109.
The Navy and Marine Corps Medal is the equivalent of the Army Soldier’s Medal, the Air Force Airman’s Medal, and the Coast Guard Medal. The general order of precedence that has been established for the proper display of all military medals and military ribbons requires that it be worn below the Distinguished Flying Cross, and above the Bronze Star.
The Navy and Marine Corps Medal can be worn as traditional full size military medals and mini medals, military ribbons and lapel pins. It is available as traditional slide-on, full size military medals or mini-medals, slide-on military ribbons; or the newer thin mini-medals, and ultra thin military ribbons that have become so very popular among up and coming military personnel who know how important it is to their career advancement to always maximize the neatness and smartness of their uniform appearance.

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